About Us

It’s About the People, Community, and Social Responsibility

The economy is at times unforgiving and external factors can negatively impact the livelihood of people who have unique knowledge, skills, and abilities and are willing to work hard. For other people sometimes their careers move them further away from doing work they enjoy that most others would consider a hobby or an interest. FiveStead.Com is strongly committed to providing people with a greater number of work opportunities and to enable people with the ability to earn money doing work they love. FiveStead.Com’s primary purpose for providing its services is to help buyers and sellers connect in the global micro job market. Our social responsibility underpins our efforts to provide services to members. FiveStead.Com’s is a community and marketplace of micro jobs for people by people.

Whether you are an online marketer, programmer, writer, video specialist, audio specialist, great cook with recipes to share, social media professional, business expert, fitness guru, model, or singer you can register for a free account to start selling your services and earning some money doing what you love.

Our headquarters is in Ontario, Canada. FiveStead.Com is a service provided by Empellex Inc. Empellex Inc. is a technical firm that provides technology services and develops and operates ventures and online services that fill a market need and empower people.

Our Service

We are a global micro job community and marketplace providing members with the opportunity to sell and buy services and products offered as micro jobs. There are many sellers with unique talents and services to provide and there are many buyers seeking talented people to do work ranging from writing articles to creating greeting cards. We make the process of buying and selling services easy. We empower sellers to promote their services to a wide global market within minutes of their time. We are here to provide support as service facilitators and our promise is to continue to improve our services to make it easier for sellers to provide quality services and earn money and for buyers to find talented sellers that meet their unique needs. Members define value and we aim to deliver value to our members based on their perspective on what constitutes value.

Registration is free. Members can post multiple jobs but should make sure jobs are respectful, appropriate, and aligned with our quality and community standards. Sellers that set fair prices and promote honesty and respect in their dealings will be rewarded by the community through positive feedback, greater sales, and good ratings.

We do not claim to be the only micro job marketplace and, or facilitator of services between buyers and sellers of creative work. We do claim to be socially responsible, have a community mindset centered on delivery of value to members, a focus on empowering members to buy and sell creative services and earn money, and a commitment to provide a positive user experience. If members are not satisfied with our services and, or their membership in this community we encourage them to sign up for, and use a competitors service.

A Name with a Message

The name FiveStead.Com was derived from combining two simple concepts or ideas. The first being that jobs listed on this website will be priced starting at five dollars with higher priced jobs rising in increments of five dollars. The other concept being that this is a home community of buyers and sellers. The suffix stead is defined as meaning the place, position, or function a person occupies. FiveStead.Com represents a community of people buying and selling jobs priced at, or incremented at five dollars. A powerful and simple message delivered in our name.

Penguins Flock Together

Penguins live in communities, are social, and care for their young. Buyers and sellers work together in this community, communicate well, and care for their jobs and the successful completion of orders. The penguin represents the community philosophy we stand by, support and work hard to grow.

The Partnership

This is our community and together in partnership we can make it flourish. We support and maintain this website for you to buy and sell jobs and we continuously advertise this website and your jobs to ensure people find them, become members, and buy and sell. You will help our community grow by spreading the word to others, buying jobs you like, or selling your own. By actively and respectfully participating in this community you are helping it grow for the benefit of all members.

Building Relationships

Establishing positive working relationships between members is important. We aim to provide tools and functionality for members to connect, communicate, and recognize one another for outstanding services and membership in our micro job community. We understand people take pride in providing good service and that it’s important buyers can identify and reward those sellers that continuously provide excellent service.

Win/Win for Everyone

Both buyers and sellers mutually benefit from their transactions and successfully completed orders. Buyers gain value from receiving unique and original work for a small monetary sum or fee for service. Sellers gain value from selling their services, products, or creative works in small manageable work units. Some sellers through the provision of their service make a positive difference in the buyer’s life. For example, a buyer might be in need of some help correcting grammar on their essay or a unique logo for their dream business and this may be the seller’s specialty. The seller, beyond earning revenue, is making a difference in the buyer’s life through the provision of their service. This is in-line with our intrinsic belief that we all grow and move forward together as a global community; rather than, as islands of individuals.


It is important that we earn your trust as much as you trust us in facilitating and providing services. We value feedback from members and the community. We listen, understand, and respond to members with respect, dignity, and action. If you contact us we will listen, we will respond, and we will always keep true to our word.

We all Grow Together

A portion of the revenue we collect through the provision of our services is used to grow this community, thus, promoting the jobs sellers are offering to buyers. You can help spread the word by telling friends, tweeting us, liking us, social bookmarking us, linking us, and any other means you feel helps us reach more people. Members are encouraged to promote job listings that they feel offer high value. Working together to support each other in reaching more people benefits everyone who is part of, becomes part of, and will become part of this community.

Social Responsibility

Giving back to the global community is important to us. Along with the need to create work opportunities that offer people the ability to do work they love, there is a need to support other people that have different needs such as food, shelter, education, and other life essentials. We pledge to donate ten percent (10%) or more of the sales commissions FiveStead.Com collects to charity on a semi-annual basis (2x per year). This donation is taken directly from our commissions and is our way of giving back to the global community. We believe in transparency and we will announce publicly each time a donation is made on behalf of FiveStead.Com and its members.

The next donation will be made to the The War Amps (http://www.waramps.ca/home.html) in January, 2014.

Donations Made:

January 2013 - 100% of FiveStead.Com's Sales Commissions to Make-A-Wish Foundation (http://www.wish.org)

November 2013 - 100% of FiveStead.Com's Sales Commissions to The War Amps (http://www.waramps.ca/home.html)