Code of Ethics

We're focused on promoting and protecting a positive experience for all members in the FiveStead.Com community and micro job marketplace.

We ask for your help by following our guidelines for members. Your help contributes to an enjoyable experience for all members.

Guidelines for Members

  • I will treat others with the same respect and dignity that I expect to be treated with
  • I will provide truthful information in job postings and in messages I send to members
  • I will not solicit members or use my membership for commercial purposes outside of the job postings I publish on this site
  • I will not harass members
  • I will not communicate with members using language that may be offensive or inappropriate
  • I will respect the decisions members make regarding their buying and selling experience and privacy

Our Commitment

  • We will do our best to respond to members in a timely fashion with an informative response
  • We will do our best to provide a positive buying and selling experience for members
  • We will continue to grow the FiveStead.Com community
  • We will continue to advertise and promote member services and their jobs postings
  • We will be innovative and continue to introduce features that provide our members with value
  • We will listen to members and value their voice
  • We will only publish postings created by individual members; we will not publish fictitious content
  • We will take abuse reports seriously and respond with appropriate actions in a timely fashion
  • We will do our best to ensure the privacy of our members is protected
  • We will maintain features to help protect the safety of our members and provide them with the means to report inappropriate, questionable, or false content and member behavior and abuse.

Mission Statement

FiveStead.Com is a global community and micro job marketplace committed to providing buyers and sellers of small services with a personalized, profitable, and enjoyable experience. We provide an online platform where buyers and sellers can work together to create and offer high value to each other. We encourage members to be themselves and grow within our community by working together, leaving feedback, leveling, and buying and selling small services. We value the unique creative talents of sellers and strive to support them in promoting their work, reaching more buyers, generating sales, and building relationships. We value the unique needs of buyers and strive to support them in their search for quality creative work and true value. We firmly believe in and support people having more work opportunities and making money by sharing their knowledge, skills, and abilities through doing what they love and enjoy. FiveStead.Com is a global community and micro job marketplace for you and your experience; it’s not our success, it’s not our story, it’s yours. Tell it.