Community Standards

FiveStead.Com’s community standards support and encourage a positive experience for our users and members. Violating our community standards may result in immediate suspension, deactivation or removal of your profile, job postings, and account on FiveStead.Com.

Inappropriate and Offensive Material

Graphic content that is considered inappropriate and offensive material is strictly prohibited.

Hate Speech and Language

Expressed or promoted hatred towards people based on their gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, race, ethic origin, religion and disability is not allowed.

Bullying and Harassment

Offensive behavior which may include coarse, threatening or unwelcome communication is not allowed. Actions taken to defame, insult, harass, or humiliate other members is not allowed.

Impersonation and Identity

Behavior that is intended to deceive or mislead others is prohibited. Your profile and job posting information must accurately represent you and not be published in an attempt to impersonate others. Claiming to be another member, someone else, creating multiple accounts and falsely representing yourself undermines trust and violates our community standards. If you believe you are being impersonated by someone else please go to the profile in question and report the member for abuse.

Private and Confidential Information

Personal, confidential and identifiable information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, driver’s licenses and other information that is not publicly accessible is not allowed to be published. The publishing of unauthorized information is prohibited to protect your privacy, confidential, and identifiable information. We encourage you not to share any private information with others.


Alleged notices of infringed copyright are taken seriously and responded to expeditiously in accordance with our DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement section. Visit our DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement for more information or to file a notice of infringement.

Intellectual Property

Before publishing, distributing or sharing content please ensure that you have the right to do so and are not violating any copyrights, trademarks or other legal rights. Intellectual property rights will be upheld and respected.

Illegal Activities

FiveStead.Com should not be used to conduct nor promote dangerous or illegal activities. Actions of this nature are taken very seriously. We may immediately remove your profile, job postings, terminate your account, notify law enforcement authorities, and take any actions we deem appropriate to resolve, report, and deal with illegal activities.

Spam, Malware and Phishing

The transmission of malware, viruses, disruptive and malicious programs that may disrupt or harm others is strictly prohibited. Spam including advertisements, link solicitation, link promotion and other such solicitation by members is not allowed. We do not allow harmful and malicious scripts and password phishing scams. The safety of our members is important and all attempts to comprise security or privacy are taken seriously.

Profile and Job Posting Pictures

Profile and job posting pictures must be free of offensive content. It is forbidden to publish profile pictures of an inappropriate and offensive nature. Job posting pictures should be examples of your work and reflect the products and services you offer buyers.

Reporting Abuse

If you believe another member is violating our community standards please report them and their profile for abuse. Please keep in mind that not all abuse reports will result in nor guarantee the suspension, deactivation or removal of a member’s profile, job postings, or content. Due to the diversity of our community it’s possible that some content may be disagreeable to you and may not meet the criteria for being removed. We review all abuse reports and take any necessary and appropriate action to support and encourage a positive experience for our users and members. In some cases content that violates our community standards may not only be removed from our website but also be subject to legal and more severe actions. Thank you for doing your part to help us maintain a positive user experience for you and other members.