Job Levels

Job levels reward sellers that establish themselves as trusted and quality service providers. These rewards may include exclusive features including options to set higher job prices, post more jobs daily, and receive free job marketing. Sellers that frequently provide great service to buyers will be rewarded and recognized through earning higher job levels. Buyers in this community are more likely to purchase jobs from sellers that have earned a higher job level to establish themselves as more reputable, committed to high quality, and good service. Sellers that earn a higher job level create more opportunities for themselves to earn more money based on their proven reputation.

How Job Levels Work

This community’s job level system is automated and dynamically ranks individual sellers based on delivery time and customer rating. Sellers that deliver jobs on-time and maintain a positive customer rating above 90% will continue to level and earn rewards including options to set higher job prices, post more jobs daily, and receive free marketing benefits for their jobs.

Sellers have control over earning more money and selling more jobs. Sellers that deliver quality work on-time, communicate well with buyers, and get positive customer ratings will be highly successfully and earn more money in this community.

Level Matters

FiveStead Level 1         FiveStead Level 2         FiveStead Level 3

Level 1

  • This is the entry level for all sellers
  • Sell jobs for $5 to $25
  • To earn the next level a seller must successfully complete 20 jobs priced at $5 to $25 that are delivered on-time while maintaining a positive customer rating of 90% (or higher)
  • A level 1 seller can post up to 6 unique jobs per day
  • A level 1 seller is new to the community and marketplace and is rewarded with a cool egg-ling badge!

Level 2

  • This is the first earned level where a seller is recognized and rewarded for outstanding service and quality of work
  • A seller earns level 2 when they have successfully completed 20 jobs on-time and received a 90% (or higher) positive customer rating
  • This level is automatically awarded when a seller accomplishes the above achievements
  • A level 2 seller can post up to 10 unique jobs per day
  • A level 2 seller is rewarded by receiving privileges to price their jobs for up to $40 dollars
  • A level 2 seller will receive free social bookmarking and link building for their jobs
  • A level 2 seller is now a hatchling and rewarded with a new badge to represent their growth in the community and marketplace!

Level 3

  • This is the highest level and honor a seller can earn
  • A level 3 seller can post an unlimited number of unique jobs per day
  • Level 3 is earned and automatically awarded when a seller successfully completes 40 jobs on-time and maintains a 90% (or higher) customer rating
  • A level 3 seller is rewarded with privileges to price jobs for up to $50
  • A level 3 seller will receive free social bookmarking and link building for their jobs
  • A level 3 seller is among the community and marketplaces elite members and is rewarded with a new badge to show it!

Change May Happen

The job level structure, terms, and rewards can be changed at the sole discretion of FiveStead.Com (“its owners, administrators, and operators”) without prior notice. Members are encouraged to periodically review this information and the job level structure.

Maintaining a Good Community Experience

The administrators of FiveStead.Com, at their sole discretion, can manually change a seller’s job level without prior notice being given to the seller. The reason this action would be taken is if a seller receives many complaints from buyers and has numerous issues in their dealings with buyers. If a seller’s customer rating falls below 90% or they deliver a job late they will automatically be downgraded to the next lower level. When a level is earned the seller should be proud of their achievement and continue to produce quality work and deliver it on-time in order to maintain their level.

Listening Makes a Difference

If you have questions please review the content and information on FiveStead.Com first, and then if your question is still unanswered contact us for assistance. We are always listening and happy to provide support to community members. We will always listen to buyers and sellers to understand their situation and respond with fair and just action in all matters. We all grow together and we welcome ideas to make this community and the job leveling system better for everyone.

Happy buying, selling, and job leveling!