Quality Guidelines

Our quality guidelines are an extension of our terms of services that must be followed by members, buyers, and sellers. Failure to comply with our quality guidelines can result in negative ratings, suspension, and account termination. These guidelines support a safe and positive community and marketplace for all members.

Members that are active in this community and marketplace are rewarded with recognition, free advertising, and other benefits. Posting quality services, setting fair market prices, and delivering outstanding work will earn you positive feedback, top rated status, and recognition that attracts buyers and new sales.

Members must follow these guidelines:

Unique Products and Services

Do not copy other members work, job postings, or services. Be original in your service offering, your job post wording, and use images that you created and, or licensed that relate to the services you’re providing.

Prohibited Content

Copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. You must be the owner of the content you are selling or have explicit permission from the copyright owner. Job postings must be free from adult material, violent content, offensive material, pirated software, competing services, and any other illegal product or service. In an effort to keep our community and marketplace safe we reserve the right to delete any job posting without notice or reason.


The description for your job posting must be clear and precise. The product or service you’re selling must be properly represented in the text and information used for your description. Please try to ensure your descriptions are free from grammar and spelling mistakes. Do not provide personally identifiable information and do not communicate with members outside of FiveStead.Com’s internal messaging system. These guidelines are to establish a clear understanding between buyers and sellers and to protect your safety.


Add images and videos that represent the products and services you’re offering. Never use other seller’s images or videos for your job posting or use the same images and videos for multiple job postings. Uploading actual work samples helps buyers establish fair expectations of the product or service they will receive. The more relevant your images and videos the more they will stand out and attract buyers and encourage sales.

As a golden rule the more information buyers receive the more likely they are to purchase from you, accept your delivered work, leave great feedback, and place more orders.


Choose the price for your products and services carefully. The shipping cost for physical products can be identified separately. Avoid overpricing your products and services to remain competitive in the marketplace. Jobs can be listed between $5-$50 USD. Setting the right price will give you the best chance of making the most sales.

Delivery Time

Set delivery times that are realistic. A good strategy is to add some contingency time to your estimate to make sure that if something unexpected occurs in life you can still meet the deadline. A timeline is a firm obligation and commitment sellers make to buyers. If you want to establish good relationships with buyers, generate repeat business, and receive positive feedback you will need to deliver work on-time. You can use the instant download delivery option for electronic or digital goods such as e-books, software, workout plans, etc. Instant delivery helps to facilitate quicker / instant sales and avoid late delivers. Please remember that buyers can and most likely will leave feedback especially if unhappy because of a late delivery. Delivering work late hurts your business and ability to generate revenue in this community and marketplace.

Delivering Orders

When orders are 100% complete they must be submitted through our system using the deliver your work option. It is prohibited for sellers to deliver work outside of our system. Incomplete orders may be cancelled and affect your potential for future work due to loss of reputation and negative ratings.

Delivering Work Late

This is strongly discouraged and will likely lead to negative feedback. If you’re past due in delivering your work you will receive reminders. You have the option to ask the buyer to mutually cancel the order which will not affect your rating and close the transaction honorably. If you do not complete the work in the grace period, the order will be cancelled and your account will be suspended. A late delivery negatively affects your rating and repeat offenses could lead to your account being permanently suspended.

Clarity and Communication

Remember to be very clear in job postings and in instructions and communications with members. Sellers must be clear in telling buyers what they need to start working on the job. Buyers need to ask questions prior to placing orders if they need clarity from the seller on an aspect of their job and in responding to the sellers instructions. Buyers should respond promptly to the seller’s instructions once the order is placed.

It’s also important to deliver items as described and use proper language when communicating with members. To support safe transactions all communication must take place through this websites messaging system. Our filter system will block communications with certain words or phrases and we encourage members to report others that do not respect and honor the quality guidelines and community standards.


In the event a buyer is unhappy with your work they can reject the delivered work. Before contacting us please try to work with the buyer directly. Most times members are reasonable and want to resolve the issue as much as you. Some strategies to make the buyer happy are to ask them why they rejected the work, offer to redo or make adjustments for them, and work with them to meet their needs or explain your position if you feel they’re asking for more work than the job description details. Sellers should be proactive in making sure they deliver work as described in their job posting and on-time. If sellers cannot deliver as described or on-time they should adjust their job postings and, or ask buyers to mutually cancel orders. An unhappy customer, negative ratings, and loss of reputation in the community and marketplace are worth much more than a lost sale.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a safe, fun, and positive experience for all members. We believe feedback is a gift and we are always looking to grow and be better. We welcome feedback and comments from members. Buy, Sell, and Have Fun.