Safety Tips

When communicating with strangers over the Internet exercising caution is important. It is one of our primary goals to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience when communicating and dealing with other members.

Disclosing personal information such as your home address, email address, phone number, location of employment, financial information, or any other piece of personally identifiable information can jeopardize your safety and increase the risk of fraud or inappropriate behavior. It is important to exclude personal information from your job postings and messages you send members as it could be used to identify you.

Even though we provide features to report members for abuse and we verify that members have active email addresses at the time of registration, our actions are no substitute for your role in exercising caution and personal judgment to protect your safety. Your personal safety should be your primary priority in buying and selling services in this marketplace.

If you feel harassed by members requesting personal information you can report them to us. We encourage you to report members and their job postings if they are inappropriate. If you believe a member is not acting appropriately, could be a minor or features inappropriate material on their member profile or in their job postings please report them to us. When you do your part for safety you are contributing to a safe and positive experience for all members in our community.

To respect the privacy of our members we do not:

  • Run background checks on members
  • Conduct criminal screenings against members
  • Routinely screen members
  • Attempt to verify any information provided by or regarding members

General Safety Tips

  • Be mindful that not everyone is honest. Yes, some people tell fibs in their job postings. Remember to be cautious and review the buyers or sellers feedback, ratings, and level. A high level seller with good feedback is likely to provide quality services.
  • If you are not interested in communicating with someone just say no thanks. You can choose whom you wish to deal with in the marketplace. You are under no obligation to buy or sell services to everyone.
  • Respect the choices others make. Some members may not be interested in dealing with you.
  • Remain Anonymous and communicate with members using FiveStead.Com’s website messaging system and your inbox.
  • Safeguard your account access and information with the same level of security as you would your bank account.
  • Take your time in reviewing a buyer or sellers profile. You will be able to identify if they are top rated, their level, and feedback rating.

Safety Tips on Sharing Information

  • Do not use your first and last name as your username. Your username should be something fictitious that does not personally identify you.
    • Unsafe: JaneDoe
    • Safer: DesignerJane
    • Safest: DesignSuperStar
  • Remember your username is visible to other members and they are likely to use it to label you or infer information about you. For example, using a username like “IHateWork” may imply that you will deliver low quality work because you are unmotivated.
  • It is important to protect your personal information such as last name, home address, email address, phone number, and location of employment from strangers. Always take careful consideration when deciding to share your personal information with other members. It is a risk to provide strangers with this information.
  • Do not share your email address, Skype or MSN usernames, or personal contact details with buyers or sellers. Sharing this information is prohibited under the terms of service.

Safety Tips on Meeting In-Person

  • Do not meet member’s in-person to provide services.
  • All services must be provided electronically or through the mail if your service includes delivering a physical product.

Safety Tips for Avoiding Scams

  • Be mindful that members may have false intentions. Anyone can create a profile or job posting with false intentions. Some members may have no intension of buying or selling services and are merely trying to obtain your email with dubious intentions. Please report these members immediately.
  • Be cautious of and report members that promote their own website.
  • Be leery of and report anyone who demands and or persists in trying to get your email address, financial information or other personal information.
  • Avoid members who ask you for money outside of this marketplace. All transactions in this marketplace should be made through this marketplace using the order button on job postings.
  • Be cautious of members who request information or communication outside our messaging service.
  • Avoid members that are pushy and pressure you for additional work outside of your job posting. You are able to offer additional services rated to a job posting using the extras feature. After a buyer purchases your services they should not try to negotiate additional work unless they order another service or an extra/add-on for your service.

Report Abuse and Communicate Your Concerns

  • If you feel a member misrepresented themselves in their messages, profile, or job postings let us know immediately
  • If you believe a member acted inappropriately towards you please report them to us