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I am an ordained Orthodox Jewish rabbi. To receive ordination, one must go through a long learning process of biblical sources and the ensuing commentaries. One must also learn the intricacies of Jewish law and tradition.
I am a professional children’s books writer. I have used my knowledge of the sources, especially the Prophets, to not only tell the stories of our forefathers but also to write original stories based on the moral and ethical lessons which the Prophets have taught, for instance foxy the fox.
My books are a best seller because I got reviewed by this special list of well-known amazon reviewers that I am offering you. Look no further for the best children’s books reviewers. I have already done the hard work for you and compile the list for you and offering it for only $15. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
I cannot ignore the internet and so I made the story available on YouTube currently available in English and soon in other languages.
Here is a snippet of the story in English you can watch and decide whether you would like to buy the book.
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